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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower traders with timely information on for improving stock, futures and commodities portfolio results with technical analysis. How do we accomplish this, access, research and feedback.

It is well known that human emotions can interfere with making sound decisions when managing stock and commodity market commitments. Teach Talk Trade has developed mechanical trading approaches designed to remove the emotional factor from your stock market decisions.


"Uncle Mike, I just wanted to give you an update on my trading results for the week. First I want to vigorously thank you for your trading guidance and wisdom regarding how to be a trader for the long haul. I traded live this week with a 2 contract trade size and a 5 tic target per contract for the day. Against an account size of about $6,600 I am trying to get about $105 net per day. This week I finished essentially one day ahead, six days of trading profits in five days. When I hit my daily target I would cut my trade size in half and continue taking trades until I got my first loser. On Friday, I took one successful trade then stopped. No point in risking anymore when I was ahead of plan for the week. (By the way, I would have never done this before but your advice about preserving my profit made real sense to me.) None of this would have been possible without your guidance and trade selection. Not only am I becoming a better trader, but I'm becoming a better trading account manager and that is an important difference that I'm learning from you. You are making a huge positive difference in my trading and my account balance and I'm definitely in for the long haul. Thank You."

DN – San Diego
March 20, 2009

"Essentially, the chat room gives me a direct line of communication to an expert systems developer/trader throughout the trading day and gives me the opportunity to interact with others that are committed to this style of trading. This, combined with the materials available on the website has made me a much better trader."

Dave B.
March 20, 2009

"Never have I learned so much while laughing so hard. Thanks Uncle Mike for opening my eyes to different approaches to trading. Your mechanical "swing" trading methods take away the stress that comes with trading. You've simplified trading so that even dummies like me can understand what they are doing. You give us your honest opinion every time, no matter what the general public may be thinking. Here's an umbrella drink on me."

Jason W.
March 20, 2009

"The depth of the knowledge and the background of trading that Uncle Mike brings to the room is the main factor that creates the atmosphere of learning that we all share."

Fred L.
March 20, 2009

"It's a rare treat to sit in a trading room with people that deliver far more content than is anticipated, respect other's privacy, and can enjoy a good laugh now and then. Many, many thanks for your sharing and professionalism. Keep up the good work!"

Kevin M.
March 20, 2009

"The room is one of a kind –

  1. Provides viewpoints of stocks, futures, bonds and any other market someone might want to take a look at
  2. Allows for everyone's questions and opinions
  3. Provides a real time learning experience
  4. No one method is extolled as the "holy grail"
  5. Is open to anyone willing to abide by very loose rules
  6. Provides a few laughs along the way
  7. Offers the benefit of experience of a very competent trader

Thank you so much for your contributions to this most excellent chat room."

Belinda T.
March 20, 2009

"Uncle Mike's excellent commentary on the market is very much appreciated. I learn something every day! All day! Uncle Steve answers each and every question in a way we all can understand."

John A.
March 20, 2009

"No BS, just experienced traders sharing their knowledge with people that have a desire to learn proven trading techniques."

Sidney K.
March 20, 2009

"I would like to thank you for your continued support for the Teach Talk Trade educational chat room. The room has allowed for the flow of stimulating dialogue and the exchange of important information."

George P.
March 20, 2009